Are you worried about your key talent?
Studies show that employees change jobs an average of every 18 months. While some level of turnover is expected, and in many cases acceptable, unwanted turnover - especially at the highest levels - results in increased costs and significant challenges to the company's strategic plans.

Employee retention and leadership development programs are essential to keeping and growing valuable human capital. You need the right people in the right jobs at the right cost to ensure that your business objectives are met.

Strategic career development programs can help:

  • Improve employee retention
  • Enhance organizational communication and engagement
  • Broaden employee skills
  • Increase individual and group performance
  • Attract quality job candidates
  • Eliminate waste and maximize profits

Leadership Programs for Emerging Talent and Seasoned Executives
Businesses face more change at a faster rate, than ever before. The changing business landscape requires more flexible workforces to meet customer interests, corporate goals, changing workforce demographics, and competitive pressures.

Companies always need to be preparing emerging leaders for the next level of responsibility so they have the vision, understanding, skills, and tools necessary to perform at the highest levels. Mid-level managers and emerging leaders not only want, but also expect ongoing professional growth opportunities and total compensation packages. These realities make ongoing career development an essential resource in recruiting, retaining, and empowering key employees to deliver on the company's expectations.

When employees move from management roles to the executive ranks, different skills and approaches are required for those leaders, and their organizations, to be successful. They need to be comfortable moving from a hands-on operational role to more of a visionary and change management role.

HR Remedy provides different leadership development options. HR Remedy will design and implement 6-month leadership development program to engage a group of leaders and establish and refine skills in the areas of leadership, coaching and mentoring, facilitation, conflict resolution, and other important areas. These tailored 6-month programs willare designed to introduce and reinforce strategic and effective leadership approaches to reinforce or change long-term behavior to benefit the organization.

HR Remedy also provides 6-12 month one-on-one coaching engagements. HR Remedy's coaches are former officers in organizations and senior executives. HR Remedy's coaching practice is based on a fluid process where the coach and the executive/professional work together to achieve established goals that are consistent with both the individual's personal desires and business objectives. Coaching helps executives to change or improve particular aspects of their professional lives , with the ultimate goal of making a positive, measurable impact on the company's bottom line.

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