Finding the right people for the right jobs
It is easy to find a person to fill a position. But building a strong long-term recruiting advantage over the competition requires much more than one-off efforts. Successful talent acquisition programs are defined by a keen understanding of your brand identity in the marketplace, identification of important candidate engagement drivers, and the ability to screen potential employees thoroughly and efficiently.

HR Remedy handles all aspects of recruiting, including:

  • Recruiting and selection process design
  • Labor market review
  • Talent pipeline development
  • Job and compensation design
  • Selection and assessment tools
  • Candidate pre–screening
  • Interview coordination
  • Corporate/employment branding

A better process = better results
The traditional recruiting industry thrives on contingent fee relationships. Most recruiting firms have vast databases they tap for every search and they send dozens, or even hundreds, of prospective employee resumes for a company to comb through and choose who they want to interview. This is a time-consuming, expensive, and often fruitless approach to talent acquisition.

HR Remedy patterns our recruitment process after our consulting model. When a client needs new talent, whether it is a few employees or a hundred, we assign a project manager to drive the recruitment process. Instead of starting with a database, we launch an active research and networking program among well-connected sources and at targeted events. Through those connections and interactions, we identify a first wave of prospective candidates for consideration - not by the client, but by HR Remedy. Applying the client's unique cultural and technical criteria to each candidate's skill-set, experience, career interests, and character, we narrow the pool down to a small group of qualified candidates whose credentials are presented to the client.


80% of the candidates we submit receive interviews.

Over 40% of the candidates interviewed are hired.

The benefits to you include:

  • Shorter fill times
  • One contact for all jobs
  • Fewer resumes to consider
  • Better candidates
  • 50% savings over contingent searches

Contact HR Remedy today to find out how we can help you find, keep, and develop your key talent to benefit your business.

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